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for top talent

I’ll have what she’s having…

In the next four years, media & entertainment revenue is set to climb
, hitting revenues of £100 Billion in the UK, and $2.9 Trillion globally. A hefty chunk of that spend is in the areas we specialise in.

And it doesn’t stop there:
of companies in the industry have said they are already planning to increase headcount to coincide with this growth…

Are you one of them? Yes? Good for you. No? We’re shook.


Influencer Marketing, Talent Management and the Creator Economy are some of the fastest growing areas in the media and entertainment industry. Influencer marketing spend has grown five-fold over the last four years, the talent representation space is due to hit $2.2billion in revenue by 2028, and we’ve never seen so many creator owned businesses EVER (heard of PRIME? Feastables? SKIMS?).

Makes sense why 78% of brands have dedicated a budget specifically to talent focussed campaigns…

Fancy a slice of the action?

If you’re looking to grow the influencer marketing or talent management side of your business, or if you’re a creator powered business, you’re in luck. We have a huge network of hot (we’re not about those 90s cold call vibes) LinkedIn connections to tap into — on top of CRM technology and proprietary data.

When searching for candidates, skills are important. But being able to find that elusive cultural ‘fit’? That takes… skill. Hundreds of businesses already trust us with this skill — relying on us to find their perfect match (insert shameless plug).

We’re also very aware of the importance of diversity when sourcing candidates. Diversity and inclusion shouldn’t be just another box-ticking exercise. That’s why we work with our clients to encourage diversity in the workplace and source a diverse and inclusive pool of candidates.

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