Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Policy

Sumo is fully committed to being an equal opportunities employer. We value difference and the different perspectives that people from diverse backgrounds bring to our work. We positively encourage everyone to apply for our roles regardless of age, gender identification, ethnicity, race, religious belief, marital status, disability or sexual orientation. We value the potential and unique talents that can emerge from those from different backgrounds and experiences. We also recognise the importance of diversity of thought within our teams and will always seek to make appropriate adjustments to our recruitment processes and workplaces in order to be fully inclusive to people with different needs and working styles. We’ve been maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace and are very aware of the importance of diversity when sourcing candidates. This being said, we understand that diversity and inclusion can no longer just be a box ticker, it needs to be a principle value. These points are the start of a process and strategy to ensure Sumo remains an inclusive and diverse company that attracts a diverse and inclusive pool of candidates for our clients.

Our Principles:

  • Engaging further with Diversity and Inclusion programmes
  • Having a Zero Tolerance Policy in tolerating any misconduct or discrimination, including behavioural biases or sexual harassment
  • Embracing candidate equality
  • Working with our clients to encourage diversity within the workplace
  • Encouraging and maintaining employee training sessions in diversity

We have the following steps in place to ensure we are doing as much as we can as a company and as recruiters. Some of these points have already been embedded in our recruitment processes, however we feel it’s important to constantly be learning and improving as much as possible.

Our Ongoing Commitments To Ensuring Diverse Candidate Sourcing:

  • We’re currently updating our website to highlight our commitment to diversity and inclusion as well as eliminating any possible bias language. We also highlight diversity in all of our outgoing job descriptions and advertisements.
  • We ensure our social/online platforms highlight our support of diversity and inclusion movements as well as aiming to create ongoing content showing our views and company aims towards diversity.
  • We encourage less predictable resourcing methods and widen our talent search by using creative ways to advertise our jobs. We have adjusted our employer branding in order to actively attract a diverse pool of candidates, showing those of varied races, genders, ages, cultural backgrounds etc.
  • Working with diverse job boards and platforms focused on black, Asian and Minority Ethnic talent in order to ensure we are targeting and attracting a diverse and inclusive network of candidates.
  • We maintain a diverse workforce and an inclusive working environment and consciously continue to build a diverse talent pool, as well as ensuring we combine diversity with cultural fit by encouraging and maintaining relationships with candidates from different identities, backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and personalities…
  • Continue advertising our current referral scheme across our social channels in order for our clients and candidates to put forward their contacts, in the hopes of attracting more diverse talent from different backgrounds, genders and races etc.
  • Implementing anonymous CV submissions

Our Internal Commitments:

  • Involving diverse people in all of our hiring processes and encourage diverse interview panels
  • Making sure we are educating ourselves and new employees on diversity and inclusion and preventing any bias against race, gender, religion etc, as well as making sure our recruitment tools support and encourage diversity and inclusivity
  • Including questions surrounding diversity, equality and inclusivity in our internal recruitment process, as well as when recruiting for our clients to censure the talent we work with is in line with our clients company culture and policies.
  • Opening conversations with our current and potential clients to make sure they know our anti-racism stance and diversity and inclusion policy – encouraging open and honest conversations between ourselves and client teams.
  • Actively share Sumo’s Diversity and Inclusion Policy with active clients to give full understanding and transparency on how we operate as a company.
  • Implementing weekly discussions talking about current issues, news and developments regarding racism, diversity and inclusion – encouraging learning and development sessions as well as pushing our team to research these issues in their own time.
  • Committing to complete online resources and group training around equality, diversity and inclusivity.
  • Continue to update our Diversity and Inclusion Policy and making it a priority to always show our commitment to being an anti-racist company.
  • Revising our Sumo Handbook to include our diversity and inclusion policy and anti-racism company values.
  • Ensuring that each Sumo employee has an individual responsibility of learning and educating themselves on anti-racism, diversity and inclusion, as well as appointing members of the Sumo team to spearhead and manage our diversity and inclusion strategy, policy and decision making regarding our anti-racism efforts.